How You Can Choose an Effective Skin Care Routine!

Everyone wants better skin quality but it can be hard to find a skin care routine that will produce effective results. This article will cover the basic steps to identify the right skin care products for your skin and how to implement a routine that will work for you. Be prepared for all the information you need to get on the path to achieving the healthier, glowing skin you have always desired.

The first thing you must do in your quest for the best skin care routine is to identify your skin type so that you can find the right products and routine. Here are some tips to help you discover skin type. Wash your face before bed and do not apply moisturizer. The next morning, observe your skin and ask your self the following questions. Does it feel tight, dry or flaky? If so, you probably have dry skin. Does it feel greasy all over or in certain spots? If it’s greasy all over, you have oily skin. If it’s only greasy in certain spots you have combination skin. If you wake up with blemishes or irritated areas then you possibly have sensitive skin. If you don’t notice any difference from the night before you have normal skin.

anti-aging-foodsIf you have dry skin the idea is to keep it as moisturized as possible to discourage flaky, patchy areas from forming. You should use moisturizer in the mornings and a heavier night cream before bed. You could also try a skin lightening cream such as Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector. Wash your face no more than twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Use a gentle soap, perhaps one with lotion added so as not to dry out your skin. Masks and other treatments are available for deep conditioning. Exfoliate every two weeks or so. If you use makeup be sure to pick formulations for dry skin. Use creams and liquids instead of drying powder makeup.

If oily skin is your type then you must take the opposite approach. Wash your face no more than three times per day, morning, after work and before bed. Use soaps without lotions added to prevent shine. Do use moisturizer in the morning and evening but choose lighter, non-oily products made for oily skin. Dry oils are a good for your skin type, such as jojoba oil. They are easily absorbed into the skin and do not produce an oily film on the skin like other moisturizers do. For deeper treatment go for mud masks and other products marketed for oily skin. Avoid night creams, you don’t need them. Exfoliate weekly, if needed. Choose makeup products that will help with oil production, such as powder foundation and shadows. Blotting cloths are a great way to cut down on shine throughout the day.

For combination and sensitive skin things are a little trickier. You must treat your dry areas and oily areas individually as shown above. If you have sensitive skin you may want to make a visit to a dermatologist to determine what you are sensitive to. LifeCell has proven to be a great product for these kinds of problems. Often it is dust or fragrances so the trick is to eliminate the things that cause your skin to get irritated. Use gentle products such as those meant for babies skin. They will be the most effective at reducing inflammation. If you have acne, there are a host of over the counter products that should give you some relief. Wear makeup designed for sensitive skin so as not to promote break outs.

Now you have enough information to get you started. Use what you have learned to come up with a skin care routine that will work for your skin type. Often, improvement can be seen in within a month or so, if you use the products designed for you on a consistent basis. So, test your skin tonight and by tomorrow you will know your skin type and be able to set up a plan for healthier and more beautiful skin.

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